Adapted solution.

Whether for security purposes or to accurately count the number of people in strategic areas of your buildings, the tools offered by Axper will allow you to re-imagine space and create work areas that are truly adapted to the needs of occupants.

Tablet showing the dashboard of a histogram detailing trafic and building occupation. It also details trafic per days and a graph that shows trafic versus occupation.
A tablet screen showing report zone interface results with colors. Each entrance having their results.


Identify overused and underused spaces to improve efficiency and reduce your operating costs.


Our counting solution uses the most accurate 3D vision on the market while respecting the privacy of the occupants.

Our sensors do not identify an individual and the data they provide is completely anonymous.

Easy integration

Axper’s solution can be easily integrated with your internal systems.
Moreover, our technical team can assist you with any custom development.

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