3D Vision Technology

People counting device

Guaranteed accuracy
in high traffic

Icône qui dit qu'il y a une precision garantie quand a la grandeur des personne que la camera 3D obtiens. An icon that show there is guaranteed accuracy when it comes to the height of the people the 3D camera gets.

3 dimensional vision

This counter calculates the depth within it’s field of view in order to measure the height and the size of the object for the highest precision.

Icône qui démontre par section comment la caméra 3D fait pour reconnaître un enfant d'un adulte. An icon showing how the camera 3D vision is capable to recognize a child from an adult.

Extra Features

Differentiate the
counts of adults,
children, men
and women

Icone qui démontre que la camera 3D vision est capable de reconnaitre un enfant d'un adulte. An icon showing that the 3D camera vision is capable to recognize a child from an adult.

Accurate in
any environment

Icone jour / nuit pour camera 3D vision. Icon day / night for the 3D camera vision.

Manage dwell
& Service time

Nous voyons une personne et le temps qu'il a fallu pour interagir avec un commis à la caisse d'un magasin. - We see a person and the time it took interacting with a clerc at the cash register of a store.


  • Eliminates repeated entries or exits in the field of view
  • Possibility of not counting staff
  • Possibility to omit counting strollers or shopping carts
  • Counts the number of entrances and exits separately
  • No need to remove merchandise, displays or shelving under the counting zone


  • No special tools are needed to install the camera
  • Remote configuration, management and diagnostics
  • Communication TCP/IP
  • Powered via the network (PoE)


  • All-in-one device. No need for a data collector (eliminates failure points)
  • Validation of the counts from the possible recording by the camera
  • The camera is not affected by lighting and temperature changes


  • 24/7 automatic counting
  • Counting increments every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes
  • Personalized data file format
  • Possibility of real time information
Technical information
Dimension13.0 x 9.4 x 3.0 cm
Weight250 g
SurfacePlastic • White or Black
Power supplyPoE IEEE 802.3af • Max 7 watts
Required illuminationMin. 2 LUX
CablingCat5e or better
EthernetIEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T
IP addressDHCP or static IP
Supported protocolsIPv6, IPv4, DHCP, HTTPS and password-protected configuration access
Time synchronisationSNTP, Daytime Protocol, Owner
Data push protocolsHTTP(S), FTP(S), SFTP, MQTT(S), TCP, UDP
Live view of people's movement on a real 3D camera. Each having a number assigned to them.

Remote view in real time of any site to configure counting line or zone or for validating the accuracy of the count.

In: 197

Out: 158

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