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Modular. Simple. Affordable.

Whether for buildings or public places, we have the right traffic counting solution to meet your needs.

Key Performance

All the performance indicators you need are presented in a simple and user-friendly interface, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Real time and historic data
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Executive reports tailored to your needs

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for a true, all-inclusive turnkey solution:
no upfront investment required

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  • No initial investment required with our all-inclusive counting packages
  • Equipment and software installation and maintenance
  • Simple and intuitive analytics dashboard
  • Large array of standard and personalized reports
  • Easy integration with your internal systems
  • Customer support and training
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring

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your customers’
behavior at a glance

Axper’s analytics software gathers data from your counting system and presents it in an intuitive fashion to help you make the best business decisions.

  • Assign your security personnel in the right spots, at the most appropriate moments
  • Plan business hours and availability of services around traffic
  • Build your maintenance calendar and plan your cleaning operations more efficiently

You need a customized dashboard, real time tracking tools or precise executive reports? We can customize our software to suit your needs!

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Make your life easier
with our powerful software.

Personalized dashboards for tracking in real time, and executive reports to improve your productivity.

Diapositive d'entête de page illustrant la technologie de comptage de personne dans les centres commerciaux. Slide - Header illustrating people counting technology in shopping malls.

A solution
to manage

With real time tracking of clients in your building or public space, we can alert you when you reach maximum capacity.

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