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Identify opportunities to improve your business performance with the Axper software.

So much more
than traffic data.

Our sofware uses your counters to yield performance indicators which will help you make better business decisions.

  • Traffic per zone
  • Occupancy rate of a zone
  • Average time in a zone
  • Queue management
  • Wait time at the register or counter
  • Presence detection
  • Customer flow at different entry points
  • Customer path
  • Any other customized indicator
Slide showing the capture rate of passers by at 96% compared to a walk-in capture rate of 4%. Slide show a person's dwelling time period. 2 minutes 34 seconds. Slide showing the shoppers behavior analytics in a store environment. We see people in each separate zone of the store. Graphic showing how much time people waited in line to be served at a counter. Slide showing the waiting time it takes for someone to change in a fitting room. Graphic showing the traffic path of consumers in zone 3 with an indication of how much time they stopped and where.

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