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Innovative people counting solutions

Innovative people counting solutions

Being one of the main leaders in people counting solutions in Canada and the United States, Axper’s client base continues to grow globally. Our customer tracking system was developed by a team of professional engineers using the best technologies currently available on the market.

Axper has been able to demonstrate to their clients that the people counting solutions they propose are the most innovative and efficient to date and are aimed at businesses of all sizes.

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Queue management system

A queue management solution is a powerful tool to ensure social distancing guidelines can be met or to speed up customer service efficiency. A virtual queue line with an app for remote notification can take customer convenience one step further.

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Optimize your sales performance

Optimize your sales performance

The automatic customer counting system helps businesses better evaluate their potential for additional sales and develop customer service and marketing strategies in order to maximize their sales performance and profits. The customer traffic data allows in-depth analysis of the customers’ shopping and purchasing habits and accurately determine the sales performance obtained during periods of high or low traffic within each company’s store.

Customer tracking system allows effective and relevant management of strategies implemented daily. By cumulating store traffic data, analysis of the various types of traffic and customers’ purchasing behaviours become feasible over different periods of the year or during certain events or promotional activities.

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Proper management of staff productivity
Proper management
of staff productivity/Direct impact on profitability

Traffic information and detailed knowledge of traffic fluctuations for all periods enable businesses to offer better customer service. People counting and data analysis on customers’ buying behaviors optimize the organisation of staff’s working hours. This reliable data contributes to a better control of wage costs and staff productivity. It is therefore reasonable to believe that an adequate number of salespeople in store at appropriate times contribute to additional sales. Therefore more sales transactions and a better control of wage costs will increase the company’s profitability.

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Better conversion rate
Better conversion rate

Using people counter is a common practice in the retail industry. Many business leaders recommend using in-store traffic information to improve performance on company’s traffic, to better control the impact of any promotional activities on customers’ buying decision as well as to develop programs for improving sales staff productivity. By doing so, the results will be an improvement in the conversion rates and consequently on company’s sales and profits.

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Technology that works for you
Technology that works for you

Customers’ behavioural analysis represents a broad range of benefits and opportunities to help you stand out from competition. The use of these information technologies notably enables:

  • assessing the time spent in store
  • assessing the customer’s preferences
  • assessing the specific path of a customer in store
  • Improve customer service
  • being aware of the store’s \"heat zones\"
  • improving product placement
  • supervising the waiting time at the service counter, checkout and waiting line.

Customer’s behavioural analysis is without a doubt a key element to refine your customer service and customer’s approach techniques. Adapting marketing strategies with this new customer’s intelligence allows better customer targeting and hence, better loyalty.

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