Customer Behavior Analysis

The Axper analysis tool offers a custom dashboard, multiple types of reports and different views of your store showing the movement of the clientele.

  • Easy to integrate and user-friendly
  • Customizable by user
  • Flexible reports by attributes such as by banner, by region/territory/country, by sales volume, by real estate – street locations, mall locations, outlets and more
  • Planning of clear and measurable strategies
  • Highlight the potential and identify actionable opportunities
  • Facilitate the planning of in-store operational activities
  • Accessible from most mobile platforms
Tablet showing the interface and the results of a consumer behavior journey inside of a store all by zones. There are 4 zones on the screen.

Analysis per zone

  • Identify the busiest zones of your stores (heat zones)
  • Know the average dwell time per designated area
  • Improve product positioning, marketing strategies and customer service
  • Define stops per zone

Path to purchase

  • Follow your customers from A to Z
  • Identify which aisles are most used
  • Improve store layout to optimize customer’s experience
  • Place advertisements and product discounts more efficiently
  • Differentiate staff from customers
  • Plan your in-store operational activities
Tablet showing the interface and the results of a consumer journey inside of a store all with individual colors.

A tablet screen showing report zone interface results with colors. Each entrance having their results.

Customizable reports

  • Quickly understand the metrics behind your traffic counts
  • Compare between stores, periods, regions, banners, etc.
  • Analyze your performance based on the real numbers
  • Set a benchmark and realistic performance objectives


  • Customization of metrics
  • Production of historical reports
  • Configuration of metrics tresholds
  • E-mail alerts at specified metrics thresholds
  • Real-time version compatible with mobile devices
  • Automatic or manual resetting of metrics
  • Manual adjustment of customized metrics
  • Real time widget for Windows stations
We can see trafic of how many people came to the store, how much time they spent there, the average time they stayed at certain places and we can also the interaction between the staff and the client.

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