Real-time Occupancy

Social distancing solutions

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Real-time occupancy

Sensors that communicate entries and exits of your customers in real time.

We see the interface of a program on a mobile that shows the virtual queue line and the occupancy rate. The sign on the tablet says: "Please wait for the signal before entering".
Store entrance status indicator shown on a tablet stating if the entry is allowed or not.
Store entrance status indicator shown on a tablet stating if the entry is allowed or not.

Wait in line in the comfort
of your vehicule

Virtual queue line

When the limit of people inside is reached, your customers will no longer have to wait in line outdoors with our virtual queue app.


Upon arrival, the customer registers their name on the platform.

Phone with an application showing the virtual queue, it also show the number on people in line and that you can join and check the status of the queue.


The customer receives notifications for their place in the virtual queue.

Virtual queue application saying: "Welcome to ABC Store, you are now #4 in the shopping line. You can now wait in the comfort of your vehicule until we text you to come in. Reply S to check your status."


The client receives a notification that it is their turn.

Virtual queue application saying " Peter thank you for your patience, please come in the store, a mask is required. If you need more time, reply T, if you have toi leave, reply L.


Upon entering, the customer must validate their presence in order to be removed from the queue.

Virtual queue indicator on a tablet and a post stating if the entry is allowed or not.
Background image of a cellphone in a car, displaying the waiting line application from Axper. The screen reads "To join the virtual line, please enter the following information".

Don’t make your clients wait in line, use the virtual queue.

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