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Axper analysis tool

Tablet showing a floor plan of where they have installed the readers for people entering the mall center and a graph detailing people entering and where they are.

The Axper analysis tool is a flexible software that includes a custom dashboard, multiple zone reports, integration to your marketing promotions and the ability to create custom reports.

Our software offers valuable information for all management levels to make the right decisions, impact your business and drive sustainable growth. All of these in a friendly and modern environment.

  • Custom report creation tools
  • Flexible reports by attributes: by banner, by region/territory/country and by real estate
  • Visualize mall plan and indicators
  • Facilitate the planning of location operational activities


  • Visualize KPI’s in real time
  • Customizable by user
  • Easy monitoring of performances vs objectives
  • Easily identify performance improvements opportunities
Tooltips show the traffic at the different entrances, the number of customers passing in front of each store and detailed traffic information for the different locations chosen.

Customizable reports

  • Quickly identify the impact of events on the traffic between locations, periods, regions, etc.
  • Highlight the KPI’s trends: what works and what can be improved
  • Plan objectives based on measurable data
  • Flexible reports and analysis to evaluate specific events such as: promotions, advertising and mailing
  • Evaluation of shopping and buying patterns for different periods
Comparative analytics reports on trafic in store showing on two tablets.

Demographic analysis and customer behavior

Our software suite provides a lot more than traffic data

  • Traffic per zone
  • Gendre and age
  • Average time per zone
  • Queue management
  • Service delay
  • Visit duration (average dwell time)
  • Frequency (multiple dates and times of visits)
  • New & repeat visitors (optimizing shopper’s experience for continued repeat visits)
  • Bounced traffic (customers that walked in & left within a defined time period)
  • Passerby traffic (customers that walked in front of location)
  • Dwell time within your business location or per zone
  • Customer loyalty (how often people return and time lapse between each visit)
  • Other metrics customizable according to user needs


  • Heat map
  • Customization of metrics
  • Easy access to your historical data
  • Customizable email alerts based on your metrics tresholds
Picture on analytics data comparing Stores A and total traffic of people including children and adults count over a period of time.

Axper Mobile

Track your key performance indicators and your traffic data directly on your mobile device, and compare your current results with previous periods.

We see three mobile phones showing annual visits and also one is showing trafic per day and compare percentages with another year.

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